Inside Look At What LEADLION, A Fitness Marketing Digital Agency Does For Your Gym, Health Club or Fitness Center.

Need better fitness marketing?  You want more members, more clients, and more revenue.

You’re busy so you don’t want more responsibility.  More work is the last thing you need.  What you need is more time.

It’s important to keep cost low, save money, and get the most out of every dollar spent.

Maybe you’ve tried fitness marketing and failed.  You’ve been burned by an agency that took your money.  Are you unhappy because you didn’t get a good return on your investment?

Have you gotten frustrated after spending thousands on traditional advertising with little to no return.

Owning and operating a fitness business can be stressful.   It can make you feel like your going crazy sometimes.

You’re pulled in 1000 directions and unfortunately sales and marketing take a back seat while you put out fires.

A few months like this and you begin to feel the pain.  Revenue goes down because you’re losing more members than your gaining.  Leads dry up. Panic sets in.

Maybe business is good.  You’re growing.  You’ve got traction.  But your over paying for poor results or your cost per lead is too high.

No matter what your situation is…

LEADLION is here to help.

Today I’m giving you an inside look at what LEADLION marketing does to help you grow your business.

In a nutshell, LEADLION is a digital marketing agency that specializes in fitness marketing.

What makes us unique is the extensive fitness industry background of over 23 years that gives us a deeper understanding of all aspects of fitness marketing.

From overseeing the sales, marketing, and business development of dozens of health clubs to…

Managing hundreds of fitness employees…

To owning successful fitness company with a successful exit to…

Hundreds of television appearances as a fitness industry and marketing expert to…

Managing the fitness marketing that’s responsible for generating millions of dollars for health clubs, fitness centers and gyms of all types.

I’m not saying we know it all.  We learn something new everyday.

But, when you’re looking for fitness marketing experts.  When you need fitness marketing that’s proven to work.  You want to work with those who have been in the fitness industry trenches…

  • Walked in your shoes
  • Understand the business and the industry.
  • Know how to speak the language.
  • Have a deeper understanding of the unique issues you face as a fitness industry business.
  • And are exceptional at marketing!

So what exactly do we do?  We like to think we’re “fitness marketing ninja-nerds”.  We love the art of the craft but were also very data driven.

LEADLION Marketing Fitness Marketing for gyms health clubs and fitness studios

So here’s a quick inside look and overview of some of the things we do to grow your fitness business.

Lead Generation

We use carefully craft social media paid advertising strategies that are proven to work.  The goal is to get local residents interested in your facility.  Then opt-in giving you their name, phone number, and email address.  Many of these high quality leads come into your facility immediately and become members.

Keeping a steady stream of new leads in the pipeline is critical for continued growth.  Leads that become long term members are the lifeblood of your business.

lead generation fitness marketing gym marketing

Facebook Ad Creation

We create compelling ad copy coupled with interesting creative that wins new leads and members.

A marketing agency must have a deep understanding the fitness industry to write persuasive copy that converts.  It must also have a deep understand of Facebook advertising and stay current with the endless amount of changes that happen on a regular basis.

Facebook fitness marketing

Instagram Ad Creation

Instagram aka “Insta”, which is what all the cool kids are calling it these days is growing especially among younger audiences.  It’s owned by Facebook and works better for some fitness business then others.

Instagram fitness marketing

Campaign Management and Optimization

We stay current every day to make sure we’re up to date in the complex world of advertising and algorithms.  Winning marketing and advertising is like an artist, scientist, and a mathematician mixed together creating marketing magic.

fitness marketing analytics

Daily management of ad campaigns includes:

  • Split testing creative
  • Split testing ad copy
  • Optimizing budgets
  • Advanced bidding strategies
  • Adjusting campaign objectives
  • Re-targeting
  • Tracking code and pixels
  • Analyzing analytics and much more.

Data is useless if you don’t understand it.  We study data and how it impacts the desired outcomes to “WIN” for you!

Branding and Awareness

Tell your story.   Grow brand recognition.  Become a brand that people gravitate towards.  The fitness industry is very competitive so it’s important to stand out and be known.

Landing Page Creation

We create mobile optimized landing pages that perfectly match your brand.  These landing pages convert up to 20 times higher than most fitness websites leading to more money in your pocket.

Design of the landing page is carefully thought out.  From the color of a button, images, message, copy, text placement, text size, headlines, and much more.

CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization

Testing, tracking, and optimization of landing pages to maximize conversions so that you get the highest return out of every ad dollar.

fitness marketing conversions


In social media advertising having the right creative is key.  We carefully select and edit images or video that prove to be more effective and captivating.

Automated Mobile Marketing with Click-To-Call

You may have heard the saying “The Fortune’s in the follow up”, it’s true.  Studies have been done to validate the importance of follow up.  Not only is follow up important but timing is everything.

Because there’s a small window of opportunity we create automated text message follow-ups with one touch click-to-call.  This helps eliminate “friction” for new leads.  The goal is not just to get leads but for leads to become members.

People are on their mobile devices all day long so mobile marketing is a no brainer.

You could say it’s a captive audience.

mobile marketing fitness marketing

Email Marketing

Using multiple points of contact increases membership conversions.  Automated emails are sent to new leads immediately with a powerful call-to-action that gets more people in your door.

Consulting and Advisement

Need help with offer creation?  How about marketing strategies?  Want to improve certain areas of your business?  We’re here to help.

All this fitness business experience and marketing knowledge would be a waste if we didn’t share it.

We’ll share best practices and what’s working in the industry.  We’ll guide you as much or as little as you wish.  Think of us as an extension of your team.

Save YOU Time

You’re busy and trust me we get it. We’ll take the load off.  Pass the ball to us and we’ll run with it so you can focus on your business.

Save YOU Money and Multiply Your Return On Investment

Our marketing and advertising will give you the best bang for you buck.  You can spend less than traditional advertising with better results that can be tracked.

We also do marketing research to give you an optimal range for your ad spend.  We look at the population surrounding your location(s) and can determine the sweet spot.

Too often we get clients that are spending way too much on ad spend.  There is a “law of diminishing returns”.

Scaling your ad budget should be done thoughtfully and efficiently.  You can start as low as $7-10 a day and scale it up from there.

We’re also diligent is keeping cost per lead low.  We can help you lower your cost per lead and many times we can bring it down significantly.

Interested in fitness marketing that will grow your business?  Schedule a free strategy call.