3 Facebook Ad Strategies For Your Gym, Health Club, or Fitness Studio.

Running Facebook Ads?  If you own or run a gym, health club, or fitness studio I have great news for you.  Facebook ads are killing it in the fitness industry.

According to WordStream, the fitness industry leads the way in conversions.

Facebook Ads Fitness Studios, Health Clubs, Gyms.

Maybe you’ve tried running Facebook ads and burned through a bunch of money and got frustrated with poor results.

Maybe you’ve had success with Facebook ads and are looking for ways to improve performance.

Whatever the case here’s 3 strategies you can use now to boost performance when it comes to generating leads and growing your business.

Facebook Ad Strategy 1: Choose The Right Objective

There are a bunch of Facebook Ad objectives to choose from, so which ones should you use for lead generation?

Facebook Ad Objectives for fitness

When we say lead generation we mean getting NAME, PHONE NUMBER, AND EMAIL.

We recommend the following objectives:

  • Traffic – send people to a website off of Facebook.
  • Conversions – send people to a website off of Facebook and track conversions using the Facebook pixel.  Facebook will serve ads to people more likely to convert.
  • Engagement – Facebook will serve the ads to people more likely to engage with the ads by liking, commenting, sharing, and clicking on the ad.
  • Lead Generation – Facebook will auto populate a lead form with name and the user email when the button is clicked.  You can also ask for a phone number.

So which one is the best?

It depends. These objectives all have their strengths and some work better than others depending on a number of factors.

Your first thought might be “if I want to generate leads with Facebook Ads doesn’t the lead generation objective make the most sense?”

This question brings us to the next strategy.

Facebook Ad Strategy 2: Landing Page vs Facebook Lead Ad?

Lead ads keep the user on Facebook whereas traffic, conversions, and engagement objectives send people to a landing page off of Facebook.

The major benefit of sending people to a landing page is the ability to have sales copy, more details, images, and the ability to automate custom follow ups with your own opt-in forms.

We typically see much higher conversion rates with Facebook ads when sending users to an optimized landing page.

The keys to having an effective landing page are:

  • Page loading speed – if the page loads too slow visitors will bounce.
  • Call to action button above the fold.
  • Brand and Message Continuity – the ad creative and copy must match the landing page so the visitor feels like their in the right place.

As a local business a well designed landing page will see awesome conversions with Facebook ads even from cold traffic if the offer and ads are good.

Facebook Ad Strategy 3: Creative and Copy.

Once you have a very compelling offer that entices someone to give you their personal information you now have to persuade them to do so.

The image or video is the jolt that will get people to pay ATTENTION…and the copy writing is the tool that leads them to take action.

Facebook ad copy

Interesting video or images with bad copy won’t convert. Period!

The hardest part for most Facebook advertisers is writing ad copy that’s compelling.

Shameless plug coming…. this is why we work exclusively with the fitness industry.  We help local businesses such as gyms, health clubs, fitness studios, wellness centers, and fitness facilities of all types.  This is because fitness marketing is our copy writing wheelhouse.

With 20 years in fitness industry marketing experience we’ve learned how to speak to that audience.

It’s important to understand the language and the pain points of the target audience.

We also understand what’s going on in the mind of the business owner or executive so we get on the same page faster and can create great Facebook ad copy that converts.

Ok, shameless plug over… on to the good stuff.

Here’s a few copy writing techniques to consider.

Fitness Copy Writing Tip: Feature – Benefit Tie-In.

Nothing wrong with showcasing the latest and greatest amenities but…  WIIFM “What’s in it for me?”.

If your Facebook ad copy is all about the facilities and amenities then you’ll get a lot of…WHO CARES!

Facebook ad copy and creative

Using the feature-benefit tie-in technique you connect the dots for your audience, the WIIFM based on that feature.

For example, if you have the best fitness instructors in the world (nobody cares), but if you have

“knowledgable fitness experts to guide you through an exciting journey to get you in shape faster”…now I’m listening!

Fitness Copy Writing Tip: Light the FIRE and Destroy Procrastination.

Good sales copy will transfer enthusiasm to get someone excited enough to take action.  But that’s not always enough.

Creating some urgency or scarcity along with it will get people on the fence to hop on board instead of thinking about it.

The majority of the Fitness Industry audience is notorious for procrastination and their hanging out on Facebook to connect, relax, and be entertained not think about getting fit.

Yeah I know, there’s the 10% enthusiast who have high levels of self discipline and actually love working out but most people need a nudge to get started.

When you run Facebook ads with an offer you should set a deadline or a limited number available for that specific offer.

FOMO, “Fear Of Missing Out” can lite the motivational fire and be the nudge that moves people to take action.  Nobody want’s to lose out on something great.


One of our greatest joy’s is watching leads become new members and clients at your fitness facility.   

We think it’s really cool that our marketing is making a huge impact on peoples lives because it draws them into your fitness facility to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Our favorite word around here is WIN.  We WIN when our clients are WINNING by growing their business.  The audience we market to WIN better health and improved quality of life.  It’s truly is a WIN, WIN, WIN situation.

Facebook ad strategies fitness, gyms, health clubs